The Challenge

More than 50% of Walmart's customers own smartphones and are currently using them actively in its stores. So, to handle such a big bunch of customers was a great challenge.

Walmart knew that customers are using smartphones to search for coupons, compare prices, and navigate aisles.

"The company really wanted to meet and understand customer's needs, so it was experimenting with innovative technologies."

The Solution

The world's largest retailer has found a way to redirect its customers' attention away from its competitors' websites and shorten the purchase funnel, by introducing a self-checkout iPhone app.

The company's Scan & Go iPhone app, which was introduced late last year, can be used to scan the bar codes on items in-store.

"Customers scan the products they’re planning to buy and add them to their shopping carts just as they typically would."

The Outcome

Walmart started with an initial test in 70 stores throughout Northwest Arkansas and Atlanta, and is now in the process of expanding the program to more than 200 stores in 14 markets. Customer feedback was the main driver in deciding whether Walmart would continue moving forward with the app. The users can now scan items directly from their shopping list into their basket. Scanned items will automatically be checked off.

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Available for: iOS (iPhone)   Android

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