The Challenge

Starbucks has been credited with revolutionizing the coffee industry. They took something that had been done the same way for decades and turned it upside down.

Starbucks found that they could best engage their customers by offering special bonuses and incentives like birthday gifts, discounts, and complimentary beverages.

"This strategy helped customers engage because they are constantly using the app to receive free stuff."

The Solution

Starbucks also seamlessly incorporated a loyalty program into their app. They found that users are likely to continue buying beverages with the goal of earning a free one.

An important byproduct of the program is data, with the ability to continuously gather information about their customer base and buying habits.

"Another important element of the mobile campaign was the addition of in app messages. Audiences can fill out surveys sent through the phone and, with each survey filled out, more stars are given to the customer."

The Outcome

About 21% of Starbucks transactions are done via mobile app, with an estimated 11 million people currently signed up to the Starbucks mobile application. A new report from BI Intelligence, has identified how Starbucksā€˜mobile app strategy is paying off.

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