The Challenge

To take first step in a new era of digital transformation for both the automaker and its industry was a tough job.

Consumers now want safety, environmental friendliness and a number of conveniences for their cars.

"The company wanted to create such an app that could position the brand as a leading developer of next-generation automobiles."

The Solution

Designed in collaboration with Pivotal, the Mercedes Me connected car app is being billed as the first-ever app of its kind.

The app, for iPhone and Apple Watch, allows consumers to monitor a vehicle's vitals and temperature from afar, as well as to lock and unlock the door from even further away than a remote-operated key.

"Available on select 2016 and newer model lines. Check with dealer for details. Features subject to network coverage."

The Outcome

Mercedes Me connected car app ensures that people can get to their destinations in a convenient, economical and environmentally friendly manner. The company defined a new digital driving culture with state-of-the-art information technologies, online communication systems and automotive services.

Download the App

Available for: iOS (iPhone)   Android

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