The Challenge

The growth of e-commerce reshaped how FedEx supports its customers. As their shopping habits change, customers increasingly want to have a say on how they connect with brands.

For FedEx, this meant expanding customer service to include mobile. However, just having a mobile site available would not be sufficient - the site would need to deliver on the FedEx global promise and be accessible across many markets and geographies.

"Further, customers need to have a consistent mobile experience regardless of which FedEx business unit they engage with."

The Solution

The mobile site was created to expand the number of ways consumers and retailers could use their mobile phone to manage and track FedEx shipments.

The mobile site makes it easy for customers on-the-go to do business with FedEx in over 220 countries and territories, and in more than 20 languages.

"The site was also one of the first to be built with HMTL5 and to make use of location services to power the 'find near me' function on GPS-enabled devices."

The Outcome

Since the launch of the site, FedEx has seen consistent and sustained growth in mobile traffic. Overall site performance has been strong, particularly during the major shopping periods such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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