The Challenge

Coca Cola required to give consumers a freedom to discover and create their own drink mixes in the palm of their hands.

Standing in front of a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, it's tough to remember that awesome drink combination you created last week. Now, there's an app for that.

"The company decided to release an enhanced “Create Your Own Mix” feature on its Freestyle app."

The Solution

Coca-Cola Freestyle is making it even easier and more fun to find and interact with the groundbreaking fountain dispenser through a new mobile app and a series of customer-specific experiences.

The free app, available on iOS and Android devices, lets fans explore the more than 100 drink options available on the machine, then create, save and share their favorite mixes via Facebook.

"Finding a Coca-Cola Freestyle unit is easier than ever with an enhanced location finder, and location services allow users to take advantage of special offers at nearby Coca-Cola Freestyle outlets."

The Outcome

Users found it fantastic and easy to use app to make and remember their own favorite mixes. No more switching flavors to get that special drink, just scan and pour. The only thing needed is more machines to work with the app.

Download the App

Available for: iOS (iPhone)   Android

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